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Cigar Rollers for Weddings

Cigar Rolllers, Cigar Servers, Custom Cigar Bands and Cigars with Premium Ligero Dominican blend, now brought to Charlotte, NC for your next special event and always proves to be the eye catcher and lasting memory for Weddings. Old World care in our cigar construction and Free Custom Cigar Bands makes CF Dominicana the choice for those who appreciate the upper tier in the cigar culture. Charlotte, NC has been introduced as one of the latest cities now available for events.


Cigar roller events and Cigar Catering® also bring unique options to your special
days. Master cigar rollers selected by CF Dominicana, in house event planners and
in house graphics designers all work together to execute the most unique moment
for your next big event. Custom cigar bands free with your intials are also provided
at your request with no added charges to give you a fresh, personalized and new
alternative to your cigar lifestyle.


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"..we take it personally."

Cigar Roller Events
CF Dominicana Cigars

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Cigars from CF Dominicana

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Cigar Servers for Events
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